Renaming of 139th St. and St. Brook Ave. to Naiesha (Nana) Pearson Place Saturday

Saturday, we will be holding a street renaming to rename 139th St. and St. Brook Ave. to Naiesha (Nana) Pearson Place.

Naiesha (Nana) Pearson was killed at her neighborhood’s end-of-summer barbeque when two men got into an argument and a gun was fired. Unfortunately, the bullet ended up hitting Naiesha and she later died in the hospital. But beyond that tragedy, her death had a ripple effect that reached far beyond the neighborhood.

After the untimely death, her family and community took on the responsibility of preventing further deaths to gun violence. Naiesha’s death led to the creation of the Walk Against Gun Violence rally, which is now an annual event in the South Bronx community. After her death, Naiesha’s aunt, Gloria Cruz founded the Bronx chapter of the New Yorkers Anti-Gun Violence, as well as the first Gun Buy Back program in the Bronx. Her death also led to create stricter rules for buying guns and to require bullets to be microstamped with unique markings in order to identify them.


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